Sunday, 26 June 2011

Positive thinking and a faith that moves mountains

"If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move mountains."
This is one of the most mysterious and yet inspiring promises in the Bible. It suggests what faith would potentially offer our lives. The power of positive thinking can be observed in what people with enough faith have accomplished in history.

People have built enterprises and nations based on the faith that they would not fail. People have dared to imagine that creating the Suez Canal was possible, and they did it. The true power of positive thinking is not found in gold and silver, but rather in human achievement based on a faith that God blesses.

In today’s materialistic world, we appear to only measure achievement in terms of cash. We interpret what we see with how much it cost. We even measure a person's success in his or her profession by how much he or she makes, not by how much he or she has contributed to the community as a whole. That is part of the reason why we have forgotten about the true power of positive thinking, or the exercise of a faith that can move mountains.

The true power of positive thinking lies in faith. Faith can cause a person's success as it might also lead to his downfall. You can see how much a self-doubting man can lose in a matter of days. In the same manner, you can also observe just how many failures a person with self-doubt can experience in his or her lifetime.

Positive thinking inspired by faith can turn this around. If self-doubt is a form of faith, then it will take another form of faith to overcome it. The true power of positive thinking lies in the fact that it can eliminate self-doubt.

The greatest battle that man takes part in happens within his heart. The power of positive thinking helped many armies win battles. The power of positive thinking is that it defeats the worst enemy man has ever known: the “self”. Whenever you are trying to make a decision, you have an internal conflict. One road leads to success and the other potentially leads to failure. Without faith that inspires positive thinking, you will not be able to do the things that you need to do in order to become successful. In fact, without faith, you won't be able to do anything at all. You will just wait on that decision until your action (or lack thereof) becomes irrelevant.

Did that sound familiar? Have you ever experienced an occasion in your life when you struggled so long with your self-doubt that time erased the relevance of your decision? The power of positive thinking is that you will be able to make decisions when they are needed. The power of positive thinking is that it can overcome that feeling of being frozen on the spot. Because of optimism, you will be able to look for any opportunity that will lead to your success.

The true power of faith is not about making you rich or famous. It is about letting you do what you need in order to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.